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swirl graphic for visual interest

Making music is why we joined a chorus. Keeping a chorus running also involves lots of organization, to keep all of our moving parts going. Whatever problem or question your chorus has, another chorus has likely had already. Their ideas might help you. These tools offer some approaches others have used that might work for you too!

Ideas for these topics come from SSN members. If you have information to add to our existing topics, or an idea for a new one, please contact

Chorus Organization

Attendance - A summary of several policies

Chorus Committees - An ad hoc system

Self-Directed Chorus - How can a group function without a music director?

Music Tools

Music Memorization - A large and varied list of suggestions and techniques

Music Repertoire - Compiled and Edited by Meredith Bowen

Other Topics

Concert Production - A model using a Music Director and Committees

Copyright Issues - How we can do the music we love, support the creators, and share music responsibly.

Useful Links - Some useful links to musical resources

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