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Benefits of Membership

  • Eligibility to participate in SSN choral festivals

  • Opportunity to support the SSN mission

  • Participation with a supportive group of women who love to sing

  • Access to SSN Member Shared Files

Choruses, women arrangers, women composers and individual singers may join Sister Singers Network.

Benefits of Membership

How to Join

If your women’s chorus is interested in joining or re-establishing membership in Sister Singers Network, we ask you to complete our Sister Singers Network Membership form. Membership for choruses is on a sliding scale of $2 - $5 per chorus member (minimum $20 – though smaller ensembles are welcome to join!). Membership for arrangers, composers, and individual singers is $20 per year.

Email for questions:

How to Join - Join Us

How to Renew Your Membership

To renew membership in Sister Singers Network, we ask you to complete a membership form, to update the information we have about you: SSN Membership 

Annual dues for choruses and ensembles are number of singers times sliding scale of $2 to $5 (minimum $20). Annual dues for individuals are $20.  Membership renewal is by calendar year (starts January 1). 

Pay dues electronically if you can. These ways of doing it are fee-free to you and to us:

If you cannot pay electronically, please make checks (number of singers times sliding scale of $2 to $5, minimum $20) payable to Sister Singers Network, and mail along with a copy of the completed membership form to Sister Singers Network, PO Box 412280, Chicago, IL 60641-2280.

Email for questions:

Renew Membership

Thank you so very much for planning and holding last night's listening session. What a gift! I continue to be surprised at how much my participation in my choir here in Charlottesville gives to me. . . . I did not expect to have such a lovely, close, intimate experience on a random Tuesday night in June . . . a warm, personal connection. I love the way the moderator kept framing the feelings, dynamics thru the singing metaphor . . . Feeling lucky, grateful, connected, and rich in womanly camaraderie! 

– Adrienne, Charlottesville Women’s Choir

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