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Concert Production

From the Indianapolis Women's Chorus, a model for choruses with an artistic director.

We have a committee structure to produce concerts. There is a Performance Committee (which I chair) that has three subcommittees: Artistic, Technical and Costume.

The process works this way:

  1. I put together a concert order and my basic vision for the performance.

  2. The Artistic Subcommittee meets to help fine-tune the concert experience  to create a single, sensible artistic product. We discuss things like order,; flow from number to number, use of non-singing devices such as props, readings/poems, etc.

  3. The result is presented to the larger Performance Committee where additional ideas are introduced.

  4. The Technical and Costume Sub Committees then have their charges and  does what's needed (I don't attend these meetings). Note that the Costume committee does things like drapery, decorations and stuff while the tech committee builds stuff and takes care of light and sound issues.

  5. At the concert we have volunteer stage hands, and a paid sound technician. The hall staff handles lights.


This may sound cumbersome and time-consuming, but I must tell you that it is wonderful. The synergy is marvelous, and chorus members bring fantastic contributions to the process. (They also bring some really lame-brained ideas and this is why I have final artistic authority on everything.) This process helps to invest chorus members deeply in your organization, and extends the sense of community that we all seek.

Pam Blevins Hinkle, former Music Director, Indianapolis Women's Chorus.

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