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Chorus Committees

A necessary evil? The ideal channel for involvement? Have something to add? Contact us!

Amasong (Champaign-Urbana) has a governing Board of Directors whose charge is to oversee the stability of the organization. We form a nominating committee when it's time to elect new members. Other committees are created ad hoc as needed. For example, three of us are working to arrange concert venues in the Midwest for a visiting Czech choir, the group that hosted us on our tour of their country. By July 15th, this committee will be obsolete.

When the Board plans fundraisers, we ask for a point-person from the chorus, who is then in charge of finding volunteers – from the chorus or from the community – to help with all the tasks. At concert time, we have a concert manager; she recruits help from the chorus or the community. When we take a trip, we form a travel committee.

We do not have a music selection committee. We don't believe in it. We believe that programming is the job of the conductor/artistic director. I think we could use a social/hospitality committee, but other than that, no need for other standing committees exists. Individuals step forward to fill miscellaneous needs: one woman collects the dues; another maintains the bulletin board . . . .


— Kristina Boerger

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