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There are many ways to contact us and communicate with your sister singers. We are always interested in new communication paths and ways to include more members in discussions and decision making.

Sister Singers Network
PO Box 412280  
Chicago, IL 60641-2280 

SSN Steering Committee


Argerie Vasilakes (Windsong: Cleveland's Feminist Chorus)

Choral Director Co-Liaisons
Debra Spangler (Calliope Feminist Choir, Athens OH)

Kitty Beller-McKenna (Women in Harmony)

Communications Coordinator

Diana Clegg (Artemis Singers: Chicago's Lesbian Feminist Chorus)

Festival Liaison  

Diana Clegg (Artemis Singers: Chicago's Lesbian Feminist Chorus)

Membership Coordinator - OPEN POSITION


Heather Cantino (Calliope Feminist Choir, Athens, OH)

Social Media Maven - OPEN POSITION


Midge Stocker (Artemis Singers: Chicago's Lesbian Feminist Chorus)

Web Goddess  

Midge Stocker (Artemis Singers: Chicago's Lesbian Feminist Chorus)

Education Coordinator - OPEN POSITION


ChorusWomen Email List

Sister Singers Network uses the ChorusWomen elist as a major form of communication. The ChorusWomen Google group is open to discussion of any chorus-related topics. Singers, Directors, Accompanists, Organizers, whatever your role with a Sister Singers Network or Gala Chorus, or chorus of similar spirit, you are welcome here!

To join, log in to any Google account you use, navigate to and click Apply for membership
OR send an email to and request to be added to the list.

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Contact the Web Goddess  with the error information. Please include the URL of the page in question, and information about what's wrong..

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