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SSN Choruses Calendar

Times displayed here are Eastern Time.

Share Your Google Calendar with SSN

​Sharing your Chorus Calendar with SSN is a great way to let other choruses know about your concerts, rehearsals, and other events. Some of us love to visit other choruses when traveling!


  • To share a chorus calendar with SSN, you must have a Google account for your chorus.

  • You decide which Google Calendar to share with SSN. You can have more than one calendar, and can choose who sees each. For example, you could have one calendar just for your members AND another calendar for published concerts and events.

  • For each item on the calendar you share, make sure your chorus name is the beginning of each item. For example, "Artemis Singers: Pride Concert" instead of just "Pride Concert".

  • Share your Google calendar with

When you Share your calendar with, we will adjust the SSN Choruses Calendar published here to include yours. That's it!

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