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Sister Singers Network is a cooperative web of feminist choruses, ensembles, composers, arrangers, and individual singers working together
to support and enrich the women's choral movement. 

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Sister Singers Network Choral Festival 2026

Summer 2026 (dates TBD)

The 14th Sister Singers Network Choral Festival will be hosted in Chicago, Illinois, hosted by Artemis Singers, Chicago's Lesbian Feminist Chorus. Watch here for dates and location to be announced.

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SSN Facebook Feed

 I liken the SSN Festival experience to the Academy Awards. We are performing for each other, and for a few short days, the rest of the world does not exist. Even better, we do not need little gold statues to affirm our worth as women and as singers – we have our sister singers to do that.

Meta Hellman, Artemis Singers: Chicago's Lesbian Feminist Chorus

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