Sister Singers Network

A Cooperative Web of Feminist Choruses

About Us

Sister Singers Network is a cooperative web of feminist choruses and ensembles, composers, arrangers, and individual singers working together to support and enrich the women's choral movement.

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Mission Statement

Sister Singers Network nurtures the spirit, energy, and diversity of the women's choral movement by serving as a resource for

How We Work

Sister Singers Network goals, direction, and resolution of significant issues are determined by the membership. The business of the Network is discussed at open meetings, which we try to hold at least annually. Member choruses have up to two votes (and individual singer or composer/arranger members have one vote per person) at these meetings. During the period between meetings, the Steering Committee (which was created at the March 2002 meeting) works to implement the decisions of the membership and to meet the goals of the Mission Statement, responding to issues and opportunities that arise between meetings.

The Steering Committee

See Contact/Social Media for Steering Committee members and contact information.


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