SSN Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars: July 2-3, 2016.

In conjunction with the Gala Festival in Denver, CO, we will hold our annual meeting.


SSN Business Meeting

9:30am — 2:30pm

Curtis Hotel
1405 Curtis St
Keep Away Room

Please join us for whatever part of the day you have available amidst your busy Gala schedule! We'll be glad to see you.

SSN Women's Chorus Mingle

2:30pm — 3:30pm

Keep Away Room

Stay after the business meeting and meet your fellow singers before Sunday's rehearsal.


SSN Chorus Rehearsal

8:30 — 10:00am

Curtis Hotel
1405 Curtis St
Hopscotch Room

We will perpare our performance of the 2014 SSN-commissioned song Lineage by Andrea Ramsey, under the direction of Meredith Bowen (Sistrum, Lansing Women's Chorus, artistic director). This setting will make it easier for choruses to participate who are involved in both Gala and SSN. It will also be an opportunity for SSN chorus members who aren't part of Gala to get a sense of what Gala is all about—and for women in Gala choruses to get a small taste of what Sister Singers Network is about.

It's not too late!

Register for the 2016 SSN Meeting (and to sing with the SSN Festival Chorus at Gala).

Download our pdf for more details.

Contact Midge ( for more information.

Music Commission

Artemis Singers is seeking commission proposals.

Due Date: September 1, 2016.

Get the details.

SSN Festival Hosting

We're sure that one of your choruses has been contemplating or actively planning to host the 2018 SSN Choral Festival! Remember, we only have SSN Festivals when one of our member choruses steps up to host, so we're counting on you! The steering committee is eager to answer questions from any chorus that is working on the Early Planning Document.

Across The Lines

The SSN newsletter has returned to publication. Check out the details and sign-up to get your copy.